Discovering Reflections Clarkes Beach

Discovering Reflections Clarkes Beach

Byron Bay sure is blissful. Especially when you know where to go to escape the crowds! While I thought I knew the best spots, turns out James and I had wayyy more to explore. Our latest trip to Byron Bay was absolutely amazing. We stayed right in the heart of Byron at Reflections Clarkes Beach and our days were still relaxed, sun-filled and extremely chilled out. (And we were staying right next to The Pass!) 

Drone Of Reflections Clarkes Beach

An aerial perspective of Clarkes Beach and the villas.

The Villa

Where we stayed completely made our trip. It was beachfront, quiet and totally brand new. We stayed in one of the Premium Villas at Reflections Clarkes Beach. A beautiful 2 person villa, perfect for a couples getaway!

You might be surprised to know that Reflections are actually a collection of holiday parks. They aren’t just any ordinary holiday park though. Reflections truly hold the most picturesque pieces of real estate in New South Wales. All just as gorgeous as the next.

Aerial Of Reflections Clarkes Beach

The new villas, nestled in amongst the trees. It’s pure ambiance. 

Our delightful abode literally had the beach as the backyard with the timber patio overlooking Clarkes Beach. We had views all the way out to The Pass through the ceiling to floor windows in our room, feeling immersed in nature whilst living in luxury. It was amazing.

Kaede Looking Out To The Pass

Looking out to The Pass.

The design

The Premium Villas have all been architecturally designed to perfection. (I was seriously taking notes for my future home). With touches of what looked like a “butternut” timber, to neutral light greys and blues, the villa had a real calm feel to it. It was an atmosphere created for pure relaxation.

Reflections Clarkes Beach Premium Villa

The villa exterior.

Kaede On Premium Villa Patio

The warmth of the timber really made us feel at home.

Besides all of these captivating features, my other favourite aspects were the white stone freestanding bath, the most comfortable queen size bed (which felt like a cloud) and the fact that everything was SO CLEAN.

Kaede In Bath

Pure relaxation.

Kaede In Bath

A bubble bath was a must.

The Villa Bath Full Of Bubbles

You could hear the waves crashing through the window.

Laying In Comfortable Bed

Floating on a queen size cloud. Ideal after a long day spent at the beach.

Clarkes Beach 

With Clarkes Beach only a stones throw away, we spent time here everyday. Whether it was when James went droning, or just for a swim, it was a great beach to have as our backyard.

Aerial Of Reflections Clarkes Beach

Aerial view of our villa. You can just spot our van! 

Aerial Of Reflections Clarkes Beach

Our villa was front left. Number 21.

Kaede Walking To Clarkes Beach

Strolling down the stairs to Clarkes Beach. 

As sand dune restoration is important for beach conservation in Byron Bay, accessing the beach from the villa isn’t allowed. Instead, beach access is only 20 metres away and still from within the park.

Beautiful mornings 

James and I were lucky enough to experience some pretty awesome sunrises while we were here. All watched from the comfort of our villa. Each morning was spent on the patio, drinking coffee, chatting about the day ahead and our recent adventures travelling around Australia.

James and Kaede On Patio

The best way to spend a morning together. 

James Checking The Surf

James having a quick surf check!

Coffee mention

One of the beauties of being on holiday is not having to use your car. (Being a coffee addict I will venture out daily to get a coffee from a local barista). Staying right next to Beach Byron Bay meant a good morning coffee was only a short stroll away. The coffee here really is good and the best part is you don’t have to drive anywhere! It’s literally right next door to Reflections Clarkes Beach. 

Kaede Drinking Coffee In Villa

Enjoying coffee back at the villa.

Outdoor shower

I’ve always dreamt of having an outdoor shower so this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it! I just love that the villas featured these!! (And that the shower head was large too). It was such a nice, refreshing way to rinse off after the beach. It also meant we didn’t bring sand into the villa.

Outdoor Shower

A place to slow down 

Byron Bay really is the place to “cheer up, slow down and chill out”. If you’ve ever been to this small town before you would have seen this sign on your drive in. It’s an ideal reminder to just “be” when you come here. Reflections Clarkes Beach truly is the place for that. 

Relaxing In The Villa

Relaxing on the day bed by the window.

Reflections Clarkes Beach Villa Patio

The daily view out to Clarkes Beach.

All photography by James Knight at Aeroaus.

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