Our Sunrise Engagement

It’s no secret that James and I adore Seal Rocks. We are there at any chance we can get. So it was fitting that we decided this would be where we spend my birthday! (Little did I know, our sunrise engagement too!) We had wanted to stay in the luxury villas at the holiday park across from the beach for so long. They were brand new, and we always drove past them saying we would do it someday soon.

We booked a month before so we had a lot of excitement building up to this special weekend away. I couldn’t wait!! We drove up on Thursday night, that way we would be able to watch the sunrise on Friday, my birthday. Watching the sunrise at Seal Rocks is something we ALWAYS do! We never miss one because they are just so, so beautiful.

The day of our sunrise engagement

Friday morning felt special. It was really nice and sunny. Although, it was cold! (Anyone who knows me knows how cold I get… my hands were blue the moment we stepped outside!) The sky was a soft pink, and the water was just glistening. There is something about the water at Seal Rocks that always makes it look incredible. It sparkles like nothing else.

James had always wanted to shoot my silhouette here. Surprisingly, it is something we had never done before. So, this morning was going to be the morning we did it. We strolled up the length of the beach, almost to the end. James picked the perfect spot to align us with the sun just peaking over the horizon. He asked me to go and stand at the water’s edge whilst he set up the tripod. (With James being a photographer, this is something that I was used to doing. It was nothing out of the ordinary).

However, on this day, as I turned around, James was next to me on one knee asking me to marry him! It was a seriously big YES!

Engaged Girl Kissing Boy

The moment was so special, and one that was made even more special because it was captured in a photograph. (James had a remote control in hand). Something we will cherish forever.

Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

My beautiful ring

The ring James chose was so perfect. A gorgeous solitaire diamond set in six white gold claws on a rose gold band. Absolutely beautiful. It was perfect for me and everything I had always wanted. (I’m not ashamed to say I stare at it everyday!)

Willy Wagtail on Beach

A special encounter

A strange thing happened after this… There was this delightful little willy wagtail hanging around us. Just hopping everywhere. Everywhere we went, he went. Right beside our feet! He would not leave us alone. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. We loved this little bird. When we tried to get close to it, it didn’t fly away either. It just kept following us. This moment was really something else, and I almost felt as if it was a special someone sending us love in spirit. Something I won’t ever forget!

The day from here was just bliss. There were so many happy vibes, and so many ecstatic phone calls and messages after we had shared the news with our families and then our friends. I am smiling just thinking about it. I am lost for words when I try to describe the day we had after. It was happy, fun, exciting and so enjoyable!

Aerial Photo of Couple at Seal Rocks

We went out for a seriously good breakfast in Pacific Palms afterwards. Both of us had the same meal. This delicious haloumi and poached egg salad bowl of goodness. I also had the best coffee I had EVER had. For a coffee lover, this was one I won’t forget.

After breakfast, we headed back over to Seal Rocks. We walked up to our favourite lighthouse, Sugarloaf, to watch the whales swim past. We saw dozens. They were everywhere! Whales are one of my favourite animals so this was something pretty special. James and I are used to seeing them all the time, but today was even more spectacular. We saw something we had never seen before. Three whales AND three dolphins swimming together in a formation. It took my breath away.

Out afternoon

That same afternoon, we walked down to the beach to have some sunset drinks and you would not believe it. The same willy wagtail was back! We had set up a beach towel and the bird came right up to us, walking on the towel. We spent some time here just watching and laughing as we were trying to get him to come closer and closer. When we decided it was time to leave the beach as it was getting quite cold, the bird was following us again. All the way up to the grass. If we were walking too fast, it would then fly a little to catch up with us. I wish we could have brought him home!

The rest of our weekend

The weekend continued wonderfully. We would wake up each morning to blissfully cold sunrises, watched on our wooden patio, whilst I would drink homemade hazelnut lattes. We’d then wander over to the beach to capture the golden hour. Our days were then followed with long beach walks, dolphin spotting along the way. We also have a little secret spot that we like to go to watch the whales. It’s on top of a big headland, where you can see all the way up and down the coast. We spent some time up here, where I would also practice my photography skills. When we weren’t adventuring and exploring the coast, we would spend time at our villa enjoying each other’s company.

I wish I could relive the weekend and our sunrise engagement all over again!

Aerial Photo of Beach Engagement

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