Stepping Into The Paradise Of Seal Rocks

Stepping Into The Paradise Of Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks has it all. A breathtaking coastline, awe-inspiring marine life, some pretty solid surf breaks and a water colour so bright and blue, it’s like no other. It’s a true paradise just waiting to be indulged in.

The first time I laid eyes on this place I was in shock. Glancing around at the small mountains off in the distance, I felt as though I had somehow landed in another country, completing forgetting my flight! As I drove down the hill with my partner James, the ocean just popped and it’s like a switch went off inside. It was enlightening. The sun was shining, the ocean was beaming, and there was a relaxed vibe that just radiated from the surrounds. It’s no secret why we come back here weekend after weekend.

Seal Rocks Aerial

How we spend our time at Seal Rocks

Never missing a sunrise

James and I never, ever miss a sunrise at Seal Rocks. To do so would be like missing Christmas. The way the sun comes up over the ocean here is a spectacle not to be missed. The rays of the sun burst over the horizon, glistening and lighting up everything they touch. The colours blend from burnt oranges, to warm yellows and soft pinks. Until the sky is a crisp, bright blue, lighting up the ocean for a day full of adventures on the water. The land just calls to you, begging you to explore every corner it has to offer. It is also peaceful. Extremely peaceful. Whilst Seal Rocks is busy in the warmer months, it is always still quiet at sunrise.

Always taking a beach stroll

Once the sun has come up, and we have captured the amazement through aerial photos, we continue with our day by taking a walk along the beach. It is something we always do. It doesn’t matter which beach out of the two you choose, they are both as stunning as each other. We usually choose a beach called Number One. Recently, we have discovered that if you continue all the way to the end, and walk up onto the rocks and around the headland, you’ll find a little hidden beach covered in large pebble stones. Once we even witnessed water droplets falling off the cliff edge, like a mini waterfall. It was so lovely.

Whale watching

Seal Rocks is one of my favourite places to watch the whales cruise up and down the coast line. They are everywhere! If you know what to look for they can’t be missed. James and I have a little secret spot we have found that offers magnificent views of the ocean. We can sit here for hours just watching and photographing the whales, no matter how cold it gets in the winter time. We become fixated. You can really spot them anywhere around here! You just need to look out to the horizon.

Dolphin spotting

Every single time we visit Seal Rocks there are pods of dolphins to be spotted! They are playful too. Jumping and splashing about in the shallows. There aren’t really ever any waves at Seal Rocks as it is a bay, meaning it is very easy to spot these tranquil animals swimming along.

Catching waves at Treachery

Treachery is known for its surf. It is one of the best breaks on the coastline when there is swell. When it is huge, we love shooting here. The breaks are incredible, whether you are watching from the shore or above. Early in the morning you may even be lucky enough to spot a lone dingo wandering back to its den after a busy night on the beach!

Having a float in the ocean!

Without a doubt, we always take our inflatable floats out for a dip! The bay is normally so calm, making it the perfect place to float in the shallows (without worrying about a wave coming to dump you all the way into the shore!) We love just sitting back, relaxing, and letting the sunshine keep us warm!

Girl Floating on Pineapple Inflatable

Inflatable pineapple float by Sunnylife Australia.

Inflatable flamingo float by Sunnylife Australia.

James and Kaede Floating in the Ocean

Inflatable pineapple and flamingo floats by Sunnylife Australia.

Relaxing at Sugarloaf Lighthouse

Sugarloaf Lighthouse has an awesome nautical feeling about it! In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses I have ever seen. Perched perfectly on top of the cliffside, it’s also a fantastic spot to cast your eyes out over the ocean. (It’s also another great spot for whale watching!)

Enjoying the sunset at Sugarloaf Bay

Somehow we always manage to snag one of the picnic tables at Sugarloaf Bay. This is where we sit back and watch the sunset. We usually bring down a bottle of rosé and some beers for James, as well as a little cheese platter! It is the perfect way to wind down after a day filled with adventure. The atmosphere here is so relaxing. Just like the sunrise, the colours are magnificent, showcasing a full colour palette of warm tones. Our best experience to date would have been when a small whale came into the bay to have a little splash around. Adding that extra special touch to an already perfect day.

Aerial Of Seal Rocks

Our favourite place

Everyone who knows us, is aware of how much we love this place! We are always here, at any chance we can get. Whilst it is a little busier than the first time I visited here around 3 years ago, we will still continue to come back as much as we can. It is just paradise.

All photography by James Knight.

If you haven’t visited Seal Rocks before, what do you think would draw you here most? Leave me a comment below!

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